JT’s Story

28-year-old JT (James Thomas) has been the proud owner of a Frontier V6 All Terrain Wheelchair for over five years and in that time, has taken his chair everywhere – even Australia.  


JT’s cerebral palsy was caused by complications at birth but he has refused to let his disability stop him doing what he loves.  One of his great frustrations was the fact that all the powerchairs he had over the years were unable to take him where he really wanted to go.
“I have had numerous powerchairs and while some claimed to be able to take me off road, in reality all I did was get stuck.  So about 5 years ago I started researching more robust models and came across the guys at All Terrain Wheelchairs”
When JT saw the name All Terrain Wheelchairs he knew it sounded like just what he was looking for but had been in this position before only to be disappointed.  But that all changed when he met with Director Richard Kusnierz and had a go on one for himself.  “As soon as I sat in a V6 I knew I had to have one.  The seat was so comfortable and the feeling of confidence I had when driving up and down kerbs and off road was unlike anything I had experienced before”
Within a couple of months, JT was the proud owner of a brand-new Frontier V6 powerchair and he hasn’t looked back.  Since taking delivery 5 years ago, JT and his V6 have been to countless music festival, holidays and trips abroad including one to Australia.  “I have always loved music and festivals but until I got my V6 I would often have to watch from the sides as opposed to being part of the crowd.  But now I can get right in the thick of the action and I love it, no matter how muddy it may be or how many people are there I know I am safe and won’t get stuck”
It is not only JT who has benefitted from his V6 All Terrain Wheelchair.  It is also great for his PA, Christian, who has been a friend for over 13 years and his full time PA for over five years as Christian explained:  From a PA’s perspective, knowing that JT has a powerchair which will not get stuck on kerbs, in mud, on the beach etc offers me fantastic peace of mind.  JT lives alone in Brighton and is incredibly independent and I know he used to hate having to call me to say he had got stuck somewhere, but for the last 5 years that has not happened.
“I have known JT for many years and in that time lost count of the number of times either his powerchair broke down or got stuck as it was unable to withstand the terrain JT used to tackle.  It truly is a fantastic piece of equipment and has without doubt changed JT’s life”!


JT graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in industrial design.  This knowledge enables him to truly appreciate what goes into deigning something like his powerchair.  “From a design perspective, I love the V6, it is incredibly strong and well built, easy to operate and if things ever go wrong Christian can often fix them with guidance from Richard at All Terrain Wheelchairs”.
JT’s Frontier V6 is unlike any other mid – wheel drive power chair currently available on the market. Not only is it the ideal powerchair for use domestically thanks to its turning circle of just 21.5″(turning on its own axsis), but its outdoor capabilities far surpass the competition. As JT has demonstrated, regardless of what he is navigating through sand, snow, mud, and gravel nothing is a problem for his V6.
The precision handling combined with the powerful mid wheel drive system and state of the art technology combine to make the Frontier V6 the most versatile powerchair someone could own.  JT’s chair is a bespoke model, like many other customers who have theirs bespoke designed to meet their specific individual requirements.
Standard features on the V6 include:

Superior off-road capabilities
Smooth ride due to low pressure tyres
Large batteries allow greater distances & great battery life
Great kerb & step climbing ability
Large range of colour & finish options

A final word from JT: “I cannot praise Richard and the rest of the team at ATW enough.  Their level of customer service over the last 5 years has been superb and I am now in the process of ordering a new powerchair from them, although to be honest I will be sad to see my current one go as it has become a true friend and if it could speak I know it could tell a few stories.  I would not hesitate in recommending All Terrain Wheelchairs to anyone that is looking for a powerchair that will let them enjoy a truly independent life”
“It is incredibly rewarding to hear stories such as JT’s.  The way he has overcome his disability, obtained a degree from Bournemouth University and is now in the process of setting up his own design business is truly inspirational.  Many of our customers have become friends over the years and that is certainly the case with JT and Christian” commented Richard.
Every powerchair supplied by All Terrain Wheelchairs is bespoke and available with a comprehensive range of seating and control options to ensure there is a suitable model for anyone regardless of their level of mobility and independence.