Cheryl Cromie – Ireland

I received my extreme x8! I love the beach, it’s one of the main reasons why I wanted this wheelchair as I have seen other people on the video being able to go along the beach!!
I have two sons (aged 7 & 6) who love the beach too but I’ve never been able to play with them on the beach because my previous wheelchairs just sank in the sand so I would be stuck.
First thing I did once I received my X8 today was take my boys to the beach! We had the BEST DAY!! The freedom and joy I felt is indescribable!!
Plus my boys loved that I was able to walk with them along the beach and play with them which is priceless to me as a mother who had limitations regarding taking my children to the beach as I had to rely on others doing it for me!
I am really looking forward to discovering more activities I will be able to achieve with and without my family!