Steve Evans – London

I appreciate that many people cannot afford the luxury of a dedicated outdoor wheelchair but if you can I can’t recommend this one enough, the Frontier X5 from All Terrain Wheelchairs. I’m UK based and bought it from All Terrain Wheelchairs who are brilliant to deal with, but the chair has worldwide distribution.

I have had the chair for over a year and according to the controller log has had over 400 hours use and I reckon I’ve done over 1000 mile. apart from the inevitable punctures it hasn’t missed a beat despite often being used off road on pretty rough terrain. It even managed to get up much of Mount Snowdon in Wales. It has transformed my quality of life.

It is as comfortable as a quality car seat so you can be in it all day. It does 7.5 MPH and has a real range of 15 miles so you really go places. It will go almost anywhere including up and down 5 inch kerbs, through mud and snow, through woodland paths, up quite steep slopes, through big puddles, on beaches (not deep dry sand), over rutted countryside.

Despite its toughness it is amazingly manouverable, turning on the spot within its own footprint. I’ve taken it on trains, buses planes (holiday to disney world, Florida) and it fits in the back of our vw caravelle. there is no problem taking it indoors at restaurants hotels and shops.

its not cheap especially after you add options (I had power tilt in space and recline. A riser is also available ) but it is worth every penny.