Susan Whitfield – Derbyshire

“Life was a struggle in the old days, small wheels, poor ride and all very grey.

Then a V6 with 6 wheels, custom seat and lights arrived, opened my world, my mind and my eye.

I can go to the shop all by myself and thanks to the seat raiser even reach the top shelf.

I don’t have to relay on others at all, hanging washing out now is quite a ball!

No longer do I just have to sit and watch, due to snow, sand or even big rocks.

My V6 climbs, drives and ploughs thought them all, taking it in its stride like its nothing at all.

Up the pavement without as much as care, over cobbles, wet leaves, pot holes- I’m there!

I can take the dogs and family for long walks and explores, no place is off limits to me anymore.

It’s happy at home, in the car, train and shops even travels in planes without any fuss.

The seat reclines, legs raise to aid comfy days, at the touch of a button it will surely amaze.

My V6 allows me to be just that, me again without being held back.

You may ask and wonder all this from a chair? Yes, all terrain chairs, let you go anywhere!”